GUJARAT: Top 5 Places to Visit.

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Hello Everyone. Today we are going to explore the amazing places of Gujarat in “Top 5 Places to visit in Gujarat“. Gujarat is located on the western coast of India between Maharashtra and Rajasthan. This state didn’t really feature on the tourist map until recent years.

 A successful series of ad campaigns with Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan and also, the addition of the Statue of Unity has changed this though. Tourist’s interest within the state has grown very fast.

There are actually some amazing places to visit in Gujarat, with diverse attractions like handicrafts, architecture, temples, and wildlife. It’s worthwhile getting out and explore the beauty of city.

Do note that vegetarian food predominates in Gujarat and therefore, the state is a dry one, so alcohol isn’t widely or freely available.

Top 5 places to visit in Gujarat:

1) Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad Gujarat

• Ahmedabad is the capital of Gujarat and is declared to be India’s first UNESCO world heritage city. By beating both Delhi and Mumbai. Its walled Old City was founded by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the 15th century and is home to diverse Hindu, Islamic, and Jain communities.

• The Old City is split into numerous pols (historic residential neighborhoods with winding lanes and carved wooden homes). Also, it has a number of the best examples of Indo-Islamic architecture and Hindu Muslim arts in India.

Gandhi’s Aashram is also another top attraction in Ahmedabad. It had been the start line for his movement for India’s freedom through non-violence.

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2) Baroda (Vadodara)

Laxmi Vilas Palace Vadodara

Visiting Vadodara is worth for its real heritage. The Gaikwad royalty established their kingdom there in the 18th century and their expansive Laxmi Vilas Palace features imposing Indo-Saracenic architecture.

• It’s set on 500 acres of parkland and is reputed to be the most important private residence in India—and fourfold the dimensions of England’s Buckingham Palace. A part of the palace is open to the public daily.

• This includes the Coronation Room, Gaddi Hall (containing the throne of past kings), Darbar Hall, and the Royal Armoury. Tickets cost 200 rupees and include an audio guide. The Madhav Baug Palace homestay offers an authentic heritage experience.

Location: 115 km southeast of Ahmedabad via the Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway.

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3) Statue of Unity, Kevadia

Statue of Unity

• The world’s tallest statue of the Indian independence activist Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1875–1950), is situated here. At 182 meters tall, it’s twice the size of the Statue of Liberty.

• Vallabhhai Patel was the first Deputy Prime Minister and home Minister of independent India.

• Except for the statue, these include a sound and laser show, butterfly garden, cactus garden. And also ayurvedic wellness center, eco-friendly, and medicinal plant nursery, handicraft stores, etc. You will also find valley of flowers, forest with native trees, children’s park with train and mirror maze. Here, park and zoo, zip-lining, foam rafting, cycling, and boating on the lake will surely loved by tourists.

• There’s also been a heartening focus of the empowerment of local women, via training and provision of employment. Accommodations are provided in luxury tent cities, hotels and native homestays.

Location: This is about two hours (90 km) far from southeast of Vadodara.

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4) Sun temple, Modhera
Sun temple Modhera

• The peaceful village of Modhera is home to one of the most significant sun temples in India and the temple is a substantial structure, consisting of a carved stepped tank, auditorium, and main shrine.

• But The sanctum is positioned in a way that it receives the first rays of the morning sun at the equinox.

Location: Northern Gujarat. About two hours (99 km) north of Ahmedabad.

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5) Idar Hill Forest
Idar Hill forest Gujarat

• Giant boulders have guarded the town of Idar, at the southern end of the Aravali range of mountains, for hundreds of years. A scenic but strenuous climb to the top of the hill (Idariyo Gadh) through the rocks will take you past the remains of varied palaces and temples.

Location: Northern Gujarat. Only two hours from east of Patan (98 km), near the Rajasthan border. It’s on the way to Mount Abu in Rajasthan.

I hope you liked ” TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT IN GUJARAT “. Do comment you favourite places which you love to visit in the comment box below. Also share this as much as you can.

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