Portrait Photography Tips You Must Know: Top 6

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Hello Everyone. Today we are going to talk on ” Top 6 Portrait Photography tips you must Know”

Portrait Photography Tips:

1) Camera Gear

Camera gear Portrait Photography

Now when it comes to portrait photography, the camera does not matter much. What matters more are the lenses. Now for portrait photography, prime lenses are recommended.

If you want to get that shallow depth of field, that blurry background, you need a lens that has a wider aperture. If you are using a kit lens, it’s not that you can’t shoot good portraits but for stepping up your portrait game, you need to invest in a prime lens.

I generally would recommend to get a 50mm lens and then if you want a tighter lens you can go for an 85mm or if you want to shoot wider portraits you can go for a 35mm.

That was all about camera gear. But doesn’t matter if you have a bit camera gear, you should also know how to use it and that brings me to the next point.

2) The Camera Settings

The Camera Settings

When you are shooting in natural light, all the images are shot at ISO 100 because the light is sufficient and then set your aperture to a wider aperture. Now it also depends on the depth of field that you want to include your background.

I will suggest to go with a small aperture and then later according to the light meter, decide your shutter speed. Remember this is only when you have good natural light. If you are shooting in low-light you might have to increase the ISO as well.

If you are uncomfortable with handling the shutter speed, you can also try shooting in aperture priority mode. Now when it comes to portrait photography, camera settings are not the most important part. There are other parts that you should focus on and that brings me to the next point.

3) Focusing for Getting sharp Portraits

Focusing for Getting sharp Portrait photography

Be it any kind of photography, focusing is really important. You want the subject to be in focus and its portrait photography it’s extremely crucial because you’re dealing with shallow depth of field most of the times.

Now when the subject is in the same plane as the lenses, then it’s no issue. If you focus on any of the eye, both the eyes will be in focus. The problem starts when the subject is not in plane and if that’s the case always focus on the closest eye.

And make sure the focus is tack sharp because when you are dealing with that shallow depth of field. Even if you’ve missed focus just by a bit, it will be very visible in the images and images won’t look good.

So, make sure with the proper aperture and proper focus you’re getting tact sharp portrait images. Now this was all about the technical part. But as you know photography is a combination of technicality and aesthetic part and that brings me to the next point.

4) The Composition

The Composition

So, all the composition guidelines like leading lines, rule of thirds can be used in portrait photography as well. The subject is the main focus of the image and you want the attention of the viewer to go to the subject directly. you have to make sure you’re avoiding the distractions.

And one method to avoid the distractions in the background is by using a wider aperture and focusing on the subject. But other than that, if you’re using good composition, you will be able to see that actually the images look much much better. So, there’s not much to talk about composition.

Composition is used to get pleasing images. one very important tip to make your portrait images look amazing is adding a foreground element. Now when you intentionally keep the foreground element out of focus you will be able to get very cool-looking flare and the images will look really good.

You don’t have to use Photoshop to add flare. You can actually get everything perfect in camera. So, try to use some foreground element to get better looking images.

5) Use a reflector to actually modify the natural light
Use a reflector to actually modify the natural light

When you’re dealing with natural light, you don’t have much flexibility in modifying the light. That is where reflector is going to be very useful. Reflector is an object which basically reflects light so the light falls on the reflector and the light is reflected.

This is used when you want to get rid of shadows and when you want the light to look more even. Now reflector comes basically in silver and golden parts.

It actually works very nicely when you have that brownish skin tone and you want to add some warmth and color to the skin tones.

6) The Location, The Background and Lighting
The Location, The Background and Lighting.

Last but not the least is the location, the background and the lighting. Talking about the light, you obviously want good light and the best time of the day to shoot is just before sunset. When you have that soft glow from the Sun.

You will notice that the images look much better if you have good light and that is not only in the case of portrait photography but any genre of photography. Let’s talk about the location and the background.

When it comes to landscape photography, the location matters a lot but when it comes to portrait photography does not matter as much. Even if you’re shooting in a not-so-good location, you can actually use the background to your advantage and create better looking images.

You have to actually very carefully analyze the background and you will be good to go. So, location doesn’t matter as much. Of course, if you are shooting in a good location, it’s a good point but still if you’re not shooting you can still create better images.

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