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Hey guys. What is going on? Today, I have 7 travel photography tips to take your photos to the next level.

In this blog, I am giving you some of the best secret so, you can be successful when you’re taking photos out on your next adventure. This is a most important one. There is a lot of techniques to unpack in taking pictures. So, we are going to discuss some points here.Sit back, relax, check out these 7 tips to up your travel photography game.

Travel Photography Tips:

1) Always shoot RAW.

Always shoot raw. Flexiblity in editing

This will provide too much of flexibility in post when editing. When in doubt, underexpose the photo, cause you’ll be able to regain most of the detail. But if the photo is overexposed, the details are lost forever.

2) Rule of thirds

Rules of thirds.  Cameras n phones

Almost all the cameras, and phones have a grid, try to place the most important aspect on one of the four intersections.

3) Charge all the batteries.

Charge all the batteries.

Although it may seem like a boring tip, this is a useful one. Having multiple charged batteries ensure that you’ll be capturing a once-in-a-lifetime sunset that candid shot of your family, or the gorgeous hotel that you’re staying in.

We usually carry at least two extra batteries for each device, and make sure to pack all the chargers, and cords necessary.

4) Change your perspective

Change your perspective. Travel photography

A lot of people will be visiting the hotel you’re staying at, or the beach you’re walking on. But how many will be laying on the ground to get the perfect shot?

We found that looking at things from multiple perspectives enables us to create and original and unique photograph. So get down on the ground, look up, look down, look everywhere, and get a different view than you’re used to.

5) Bring the necessities and narrow it down.
Bring the necessities and narrow it down. Travel photography

I love to have mobility to trek to remote places, and not worry about my back breaking. This also forces us to get creative with smaller parameters in terms of gear.

6) Connect with others.

Talk to locals. It can be easy to stay at a hostel with other international travelers. But look into a local bed and breakfast, or an Airbnb where you’re renting a room in a house with others; so, you can get to know the culture on a deeper level.

If you see something while shooting in the street, it never hurts to ask someone to take their portrait. I’ve always regretting not asking, but I’ve never regretted asking.

7) Shoot at the moment.
Shoot at the moment. Travel photography

People can spot a posed photo a mile away. But when you’re shooting at the moment, capturing the real, raw emotion and actions that aren’t staged, your photo will feel more organic and relatable.

I hope you find “TOP 7 TIPS FOR TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY” useful. Do comment your favourite type of photography within the comment box below. Do share as much as you can.
Take care. Thank you.

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