Trekking Places in Mumbai to visit during Monsoon

trekking places in mumbai
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Hello everyone. Today’s blog is on an adventurous topic “Top 5 Amazing Places to Trekking in Mumbai“.

Trekking has become a favourite weekend pastime for many Mumbaikars. As soon as the weekend arrives, many of them head to the hills to explore the scenic landscaped mountains located in and around Mumbai. While some are close to the city, there are some that are within 200 kilometres away.

The best part about hiking or trekking near Mumbai is there is a trail to suit the trekking skill level of every person. While you have some treks that are easy (where all you need to do be walk upstairs), there are those that require skill and patience. Here are the 5 trekking places near Mumbai, in order of distance.

Amazing Places to Trekking in Mumbai

1. Shilonda Trail

trekking places in mumbai - Shilonda Trail

This is yet another trail inside the beautiful Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai. A former tribal settlement, the Shilonda Trail leads you through a gentle walkway, a dense forest, and a couple of beautiful streams till you reach the endpoint that is actually the farthest point in the national park.

The trekking trail is very easy; however, due to the distance you have to cover, it could be tough for someone who is not used to walking a lot.

Location: Borivali

Trekking Difficulty: Easy

2. Yeoor Hills.

Yeoor Hills trek - trekking places in mumbai

Located at the back end of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, the Yeoor Hills in Thane is yet another place that’s great for a one-day trek.

Trekking to the top of the Yeoor Hills will take about 30 minutes, at a normal walking pace. Also, you will see panoramic views of the national park and come across streams that are an ideal pitstop for a break. From the top of the Yeoor Hills, you will see a panoramic view of Thane. The trek to Yeoor Hills is easy, but there are a few slippery spots along the way.

Location: Borivali

Trekking Difficulty: Easy

3. Chinchoti Trail

Chinchoti Trail

Chinchoti is a trek with several routes. Depending on your skill, you can also choose one. If you are looking for a route that isn’t too complicated, use the trail that begins from Kaman Phata. But, The trail begins through a small village and leads up to a few streams that you have to cross.

Once you cross the streams, there is a pathway through dense vegetation that leads you straight to the falls. Just before the fall, there is a small pond that is very safe to swim. If you are going on the weekend, remember the pond can get very crowded.

Location: Vasai

Trekking Difficulty: Easy

4. Tungareshwar Trail.

Tungareshwar Trai trek

The trail at Tungareshwar offers trekkers many possibilities. Here, one can choose to take the easy route and walk 4 kilometres up to the Shiva Temple or head a further 3 kilometres up to the Balayogi Ashram. Those looking for a longer trail can climb up to the Vajreshwari Springs. Also, The route to the springs is scenic and gorgeous. There are a few deciduous trees and if you’re lucky. You might even spot a few exotic birds on the trail.

Location: Virar

Trekking Difficulty: Depends on the route you take

5. Garbett Point Trail,

Garbett Point trail

Despite the Garbett Point offering scenic views of the plateau below, the most fun is had when you trek up to the Garbett Point from the Diksal village. The six-hour-long trek is challenging but great fun.

To get up to Garbett Point, one needs to pass through narrow rocky passages and steep slopes. If you are going here during the monsoon, you might need a rope to get across the stream that is difficult to pass through when at its peak. If you’re up for it, trek further for about 5 kilometres to reach Matheran.

Location: Diksal

Distance from Mumbai: 73 kilometres

Trekking Difficulty: High

I hope you loved ” Top 5 Places to Trekking in Mumbai”. Do comment on your favourite trekking place which you would love to visit in the comment box below. Also, Do share the blog as much as you can.

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Thank you.


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