Unique Beaches on Earth: Top 5

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Hello everyone. I am back with an amazing topic. Pure paradise- The beaches in this blog are stunningly beautiful and very unique. Here are “The 5 most unique beaches on earth”.

Most Unique Beaches on Earth are:

1) Whitehaven Beach, Australia, Unique Beaches

Whitehaven Beach, Australia Unique Beaches

If you’re looking for crystal white sands and turquoise colored sea. Then there’s simply no better place in the world to visit than whitehaven beach.

Why Whitehaven Beach is one of the Most Unique Beaches on Earth?

The 4.3 mile long stretch of coastline is on Whitsunday island in Australia which is amongst the Great Barrier Reef. The reason why the sand is so spectacular is because of its extremely high silica content.

So it’s thought that all of the sand has been washed in by sea currents over millions of years. This has made it take on properties far different from what you might be used.

While you are allowed to have a barbecue as long as you take all the trash home with you dogs. And smoking are expressly banned to prevent the sand from becoming tarnished.

2) The Bomb Blast Beach, Mexico

The Bomb Blast Beach, Mexico

Most beaches have been formed over thousands of years for the action of the waves lashing against the coast. There’s one in Mexico that was created much more recently and rather being a product of nature.

Why Bomb Blast Beach is one of the Most Unique Beaches on Earth?

This one has its roots in human activity located in Puerto Vallarta on the Marietta islands. Which are just a few miles off the coast of Mexico which means the Love Beach.

The hidden beach lies within a strange shaped opening in the ground. And if this doesn’t look to you like a natural feature. Then you’d be right the islands used to be a testing ground for the Mexican military. And this is a crater formed by the detonation of a bomb.

The only way to access it is by a short swim through a tunnel. And while you’re there, you’ll witness countless different species of marine wildlife like humpback whales dolphins and manta rays.

The island and the number that are granted each year are strictly limited if you’re lucky enough to get one though.

3) Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas, Unique Beaches

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas unique beaches

The Bahamas are known for their incredible weather as your waters. And perfect beaches and is one of the unique beaches. But there’s one place that’s become famous for the way.

Why Pink Sand Beach is one of the Most Unique Beaches on Earth?

It stands above the rest on the coast. Harbor Island is a beach where instead of being white or golden yellow. The sand has a slight pink tint to it.

You may have seen images of this before and assume that the pink hues are a result of camera trickery. While it’s true that visitors often add filters to try to make the beach appear far more vivid than it is in real life. The true color is still quite impressive.

The effect is present along the entire three mile long and 100 foot wide beach and it happened because of a specific species of animal that lives on the reef. A trip to this beach has to be on the bucket list of any self-respecting world Traveller.

4) Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and with such mountainous and lush landscapes it’s no wonder that so many movies choose it as the place for filming.

Why Hot Water Beach is one of the Most Unique Beaches on Earth?

New Zealand is covered in hot spots of geothermal vents and that’s what causes the unique environment on this beach the Waikato region where is full of pools and salt flats and the beach offers one of the most unusual interactions.

If you love digging holes on the beach and relaxing and hot geothermal waters there’s nowhere else in the world that’s quite like it so if you’re in the area it’s well worth a visit.

5) Pfeiffer Beach, California, Unique Beaches

Pfeiffer Beach, California

Pfeiffer beach is on the coast of Big Sur in California and it’s one of the most unusual beaches in the continental US rather than having golden or white sand.

Why Pfeiffer Beach is one of the Most Unique Beaches on Earth?

The deposits there have a distinct purple coloration to it which leads to the formation of some incredible patterns and shapes. Not all of the sand is this color which further adds to the beauty of it the waves.

The beach and the action of the sea against them both makes it crumble away grinds it into a fine sand and then deposits it onto the beach. The beach is accessible all throughout the year but for a particularly special time it’s best seen during sunrise or sunset.

Live to Travel, Travel to Live!!


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