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Hello everyone!!
So, here I am back with an interesting blog “TOP 4 TIPS FOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY”.

It might be fun to run through 4 short but super useful tips for getting better wildlife photos and these tricks are tremendously useful in wildlife photography.

Let me tell you, if you take these tips and follow them religiously, I promise you’ll skyrocket the quality or wildlife images.
So, let’s go ahead and do it. Let’s start off with the simple stuff.

Wildlife photography tips:

1) Get out early for shoot.

Get out early for shoot Wildlife

Don’t start the day late and wrap it up by mid-afternoon. I could promise you that all the best wildlife images were shot within a couple hours either side of sunrise or sunset or they were shot in nice soft overcast but never in harsh direct midday light.

That time of day is for scouting locations and maybe taking a nap. Go ahead and really try to apply it to get awesome wildlife photos. Always be out when the light is great to drop to eye level.

2) Watch your backgrounds

Watch your backgrounds

I know when you’re out shooting, things get exciting and it’s easy not to pay attention to those backgrounds. You should start treating those backgrounds like they are as important as the animal itself and you’ll watch your image quality just jump through the roof. Make sure everything is in a level.

Watch for busy backgrounds and most of all make sure that there aren’t any distracting highlights from the sky in your photo. In many cases, a bad background can be fixed just by taking a few steps in either direction.

3) Never follow an animal

Never follow an animal Wildlife

Always try to be ahead of it. Never stay parallel to an animal as it’s moving along. This usually causes a cart full of missed shots, tons of frustration and usually pushes the animal deeper into the bushes.

Here’s a trick: Try to get ahead of the animal and get to where he’s going. Let him come to you and you’re going to love the results.

4) To get closer look distracted
To get closer look distracted

So, if you want to get closer to an animal, look distracted. An easy way to get close to wildlife is to ignore them. As you approach, take a zigzag route and pretend to be fascinated with all the sticks and leaves on the ground to get an supurb wildlife shot.

Take your time and keep the wildlife animal in the peripheral of your vision but don’t lock eyes. Once you get into range, slowly get your camera pointed and fire away.

I hope you liked “ TOP 4 TIPS FOR WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY”. Do comment your favourite type of photography in the comment box below. Also Do share as much as you can.
Thank you.

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